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So Many Choices

Online Bingo games and the various websites that provide them have been around for a number of years now and they have proved to be immensely popular around the world, but especially in the UK.
The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of bingo sites and this has brought with it a problem for many players; too much choice.

Only a few years ago there was a select group of big name sites which represented a limited but easy choice for bingo players.
Now, so many new sites have appeared on the scene and continue to appear almost on a daily basis, that the sheer number of options makes the player’s choice an almost impossible one to make.

It’s often difficult for both new and experienced players alike to judge what a particular site will be like, what’s really on offer and most importantly what the game will be like to play.

Here at Low Cost Bingo we aim to help people with that choice by providing a definitive list of the best bingo sites in our various categories.

Our lists provide clear information about each site including the bonuses and special promotions they have available to players.

We thoroughly review each one to give players a feel of the site from a different perspective and to help you pick the one you’ll most enjoy playing on.
We also keep you informed about the new deals and prize giveaways that the sites in out lists are offering via our blog which is frequently updated.

When it comes to new bingo sites we’re on the case with that too; we regularly check the bingo scene to find new sites and then add all the good ones to our list of new sites.

Our Top 10 Sites

Play this game
200% bonus.
£20 bonus money.
£20 Bingo Welcome Bonus20 Grand Friday Night Fever200 grand party weekend, Emmerdale prize draw, Britains Got Talent Bonus  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
300% bonus.
£10 bonus money.
New player goodie packDeal or no Deal Bingo gameMassive prize pot linx games, Sunday and Monday special bonuses, regular BOGOF events  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
300% bonus.
£30 bonus money.
Thirty Pound Welcome Bonus10 Grand Value NightDynamite Friday, Roll On Mondays, 200k weekend, Piggy Bank Smash, Lively Chat Rooms.  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
300% bonus.
£10 bonus money.
3 Vegas vacations up for grabsDaily Live Bingo games30 grand Friday night fever, battle of the clubs, bingo morning and night, Gala Linx games  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
200% bonus.
£20 bonus money.
Deposit £10 and play with £30Up to 20% player cashbackGadget giveaways, £1500 slots extravaganza, Chat game special offers and more  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
200% bonus.
£20 bonus money.
200% deposit bonus.First time deposit freebie.£50 free bingo, win a Citroen C1, April gadget giveaways  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
200% bonus.
£20 bonus money.
200% deposit bonus.£25k in guaranteed jackpots.50% bonus on every deposit with £10 or more, £500 free play jackpots, penny bingo  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
500% bonus.
£30 bonus money.
300% new player bonus.£25 Free.£200k to be won on the last weekend of every month, 100s of cash prizes  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
200% bonus.
£20 bonus money.
200% First Deposit BonusDaily Dozen £5.5k gamesHourly bonus rewards, Weekend Wonga, Spin the wheel to win up to £2500.  Terms and conditions apply.
Play this game
200% bonus.
£15 bonus money.
Interesting new colourful look, wide selection of rooms to play in, based on the popular Cozy Games software, already a big hit with the players due to it's unique style.  Terms and conditions apply.

The Game Itself

The recipe for the original game of bingo consists of the players, a dauber (pen), some bingo cards, a bingo caller and a certain amount of numbered balls.
The cards consist of a grid of spaces, some of which have random numbers printed in them.

The caller of the game reads out a random sequence of numbers and the players mark off the matching ones (with their dauber) on their card when they hear them.
Players can claim prizes for getting one line of numbers, two lines of numbers or all of the numbers on the card which is also known as a full house.

The layout of the card and the total number of balls the caller uses are related to the type of the game being played.
In the UK, 90 ball is by far the most popular game type and the card is 9 squares across by 3 squares down.
The 75 ball version was popularised in America and has worked its way into games played in the UK over the years.

In a 75 ball game the cards are arranged in a five by five grid with the middle square marked as free.

30 ball bingo is a fast variant of the game where only a full house wins any sort of prize. It’s played on a three by three grid and appeals to people wanting a quick bingo hit hence it also goes by the name of speed bingo.

The fourth major variation is 80 ball which uses a four by four grid and is a blend of 75 and 90 ball.
As well as the potential to win the best prize on a full house, players of 80 ball can also win by completing horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines across their card.


The Big Bingo Shift

Bingo in the UK received its first surge in popularity in the 1960’s when, following a favourable change in the law, bingo halls started to pop up all over the country.
The halls were often ageing cinemas that were being sold off due to a decline in the industry and were the perfect places to host a whole new crowd of players eager to spend their evenings playing bingo.

During the noughties however, the halls and clubs that had once been so popular started to run out of steam and player numbers began to decline.
The 2007 public smoking ban reduced numbers even further to a point where many halls started to close down.

It was at this point that the next evolution of the game started to take hold as large operators began to focus their efforts on the online form of the game.
Strictly speaking the first online bingo sites started to appear in the mid to late 90’s but it wasn’t until well after the millennium that they became popular.

The shiny new websites offered a similar experience to the games played in the halls with the familiar game cards at the centre of the action.
The callers were replaced with computer based random number generators and the daubing now appears automatically on the screen as the game plays out.

Over the years, the operators of the sites have worked hard to make the game experience as fun as possible and tried to keep many of the features that made the original game played in the halls so popular.
Chatting to your friends is probably one of the most important and since players can no longer sit in the same room as everybody else, something had to be created to replace the experience.

This problem has most definitely been solved as most, if not all sites currently have an online chat facility that allows them to keep in touch with friends and compare their luck to the other players in the room.

The online form of the game has also given the operators a great platform on which to offer a whole host of other games to their players.
The majority of sites out there at the moment provide a bewildering array of side-games including slots, table games and instant win games.


All that glitters

When players, especially new ones first arrive at a bingo site they can often find that the deals and promotions are a bit confusing to say the least.
Most sites will offer new players a deposit bonus percentage of some kind while others will try to tempt you with free bonus money.

A deposit bonus is normally an amount of extra credit that a site will give to players when they make a deposit of their own money.
So for example, if the site is offering a 200% deposit bonus and you deposit £10 then you will have total of £20 to start playing bingo with.

Sites will often give you a first deposit bonus of a certain amount which means it applies to your first deposit only and then, sometimes they will also give smaller bonuses when you deposit some more money.
Free bingo money is another type of bonus whereby the site gives you an extra amount to start playing with, usually when you first sign up.

One of the most important things to remember with both of these types of bonuses, especially the free bingo money one, is that bonus money is not the same thing as actual money.
Many sites will have what is called a ‘wagering requirement’ which means that you cannot simply sign up to the site, earn your bonus money and then withdraw it and head off to the sun with your free cash.

The wagering requirement means that the site requires you to spend a certain amount of your own money before you can withdraw anything.
This often catches players out and is one of the most common sources of complaints amongst players who have written a negative review about a particular bingo site.

Here at Low Cost Bingo we have made sure that the important details about each of our sites is laid out as clearly as possible.
We try our hardest to give you all of the important facts about a particular bingo site so you can decide if it’s the one for you or not.


The Best Software

The software that each site is based on has a very big effect on what the games are like to play and how easy they are to use.
All of the sites in our lists are either based on an established platform or have developed their own software independently.

Using established software has many benefits for both the operator and the player including a familiar method of operation for users and a reliable and trusted system that inspires confidence.
However, although operators who decide to develop their own software have to put in a lot more effort, this can often produce benefits for the players.

Bingo sites that use their own software often provide a more individual and attractive option for players looking for something a bit different.


It’s all about trust

One of the biggest worries for any bingo player is how much you can trust a site in terms of honesty and fair gaming along with how secure you personal details will be.

All of the sites you will find listed here have been approved by the UK Gambling Commission and are on their ‘White List’ of companies that are allowed to provide bingo to players from the UK.
The sites or the owners of the sites are only allowed on to the list if they meet a set of standards which include guarantees of fairness such as how random their Random Number Generator is and weather they actively avoid targeting underage players.

We’re confident that all of the sites we recommend maintain the highest standards of quality but unfortunately, past experience has shown us that this can change and some brands can nosedive in a short period of time.
It’s vital that you, the players keep us informed of any problems that you find with any of the sites out there so that everyone can benefit from your feedback.

Although there are a few things to watch out for when looking for a new site to play on, it’s important to remember that it’s mainly about the fun of playing the game.
The best bingo site is often not the one that promises the biggest bonuses but the one that delivers the best bingo experience to the player.