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1000 Chances to Win 1 Million at Gala Bingo

Just the Ticket

How would you like the chance to win a share of £1 million? Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Well, how would you like a THOUSAND chances to win a share of £1 million? This could happen to you if you play at the king of UK bingo sites, Gala Bingo, but you must deposit before October 3. There are four Just the Ticket games every hour between midday and 10 PM, giving you plenty of chances. Cards cost 5p, and the one line, two line, and full house winners get a free card to the 1000 Chances game on Friday October 4.

See you in the Cosmo Room

If exclusive games with big jackpots are your thing, then you should definitely swan along to the Cosmopolitan Room every Sunday. To qualify, you must spend £30 or more in cash during the previous week, then the door will pop open. This is one brief hour of pure joy – between 8 PM and 9 PM, you can play free games with a £2500 prize pool.

New Newbie Room

Wonderful things happen when you join Gala Bingo – not only do you get free cash, you get five days of free games after you join. The jackpots are fairly small – £8 in cash funds, but what ever you win, you can withdraw, or choose to spend on tickets – it’s up to you.

Same Chance Games

If you get fed up of other roomies maxing out and snapping up all the tickets, then perhaps the Same Chance games are for you. Everybody in the room is limited to 12 tickets, so everybody has an equal chance of winning. Tickets start from a mere 5p, making it affordable fun for all.

Join the Gala Gang

Spend £10, and play with £40 – don’t forget, you  also spend five days getting to grips with the software, and meeting new friends in the Newbie’s room as well.

Posted on October 1st 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Gala Bingo