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19 Free Games a Day at Ladbroke’s Bingo

Super Free Games at Ladbroke’s Bingo

I’m always on the sniff for free bingo sites, and right now, Ladbroke’s Bingo is smelling better than most. Climb up into the Attic seven days a week, and you can play Super Free Games with guaranteed prize pools of up to £600. In total, there will be 19 free games each day. And in case you didn’t know, you can upgrade your tickets to Superbooks, which cost a couple of pennies each.

How Superbooks work

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Superbooks, it’s about time you discovered their incredible potential. Say your free game has a jackpot of £6, you can pay £10 for Superbooks, which upgrade your free ticket. So instead of being £6, your prize multiplies to a sensational £600.

Insane Cash Climber

There’s a wild new way to win cash at Ladbroke’s and it’s called the Cash Climber. It plays in the 75 ball Deal or No Deal room, and the ball count to win increases by one each day. If it’s not won by Saturday, the ball count will increase by two each hour. The jackpot is almost £40,000 and it’s a must-go game. What’s more, it’s a community jackpot, so a proportion of the winnings is paid out between roomies with losing tickets.

Great rate night

Play on Thursday October at 17, and you’ll find slashed prices and big jackpots. Tickets for the Great Rate night start at 1p, with guaranteed prizes of up to £200. During this evening of celebrations, you can play buy one get one free, Last Chance Saloon, plus roll on games as well. And finally, there are two links games at just 10p per card, with a hefty £1000 jackpot. Sign at Ladbroke’s now for a £50 bonus bundle and to meet Laddie, the little ladder mascot.

Posted on October 9th 2013
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