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20K Money Train at Jackpot at Robin Hood Bingo

20K Money Train coming down the tracks

I love it when mobile bingo sites put on big money games, and Robin Hood Bingo is most impressive right now. Introducing the £20,000 guaranteed Money Train, playing on Friday November 1 at 10 PM. Generous Robin is giving away a £10,000 full house prize, the two line win is £6000, and the one line win is £4000.  It cost Robin a fortune to build train tracks through Sherwood Forest, so make sure you hop on board and prepurchase a few tickets to keep him happy.

The sky’s the limit

Any time you call a full house on the number 75 or 90, something rather remarkable happens. You earn points to the Sky High competition, which is a 10,000 gold coin bonus. This full amount is rewarded to the roomie who collect the most numbers across the month, and that 10,000 gold coins converts to an awful lot of free games.

Feel fabulous and win spa vouchers

Let’s face it, mucking around in Sherwood Forest can leave you looking a bit grubby, which is why Robin gives away a £50 spa voucher every month. Cover the spa pattern in Strike it Lucky between 8 PM and 10 PM, and you’ll get one free entry to the prize draw.

Meet the Enchanted Prince

If Robin’s green tights are offputting, then you may have more luck meeting the Enchanted Prince of Sherwood Forest. This fairytale slot involves kissing a Frog Prince – fingers crossed he turns into a handsome fairytale boyfriend, with a pouch full of gold coins.

Limited £45 offer

It’s rare for UK bingo sites to have such an excellent welcome offer – put £5 in your account, and you can play with £45. You also get £20 worth of free cards to that 20K Money Train jackpot, and it’s coming down the tracks on November 1.

Posted on September 21st 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Robin Hood Bingo