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4 hours of bingo for free

Every Monday over at WHB in their Bargain Basement they are offering players four hours of bingo FREE.

They will be giving free tickets away during this time and there’s a huge £720 prize fund to be had all through the day.

The actual times are spread out over the day :

Morning session – 11AM to mid day

Afternoon session – 2PM to 3PM

Early evening session – 5PM to 6PM

Late evening session – 10:30PM to 11:30PM

The games each have a £15 prize pot (£5 will be paid out on each stage).

The £720 fund is a total fund for the event. Check the site for further details of this!

WHB’s superbooks apply to this event so you can upgrade the free tickets to Superbook tickets. This means you can buy the superbook tickets (5p) and the prize gets increased to a massive ten times what it was before.
This means that if you get the superbook tickets, the prize fund would be £7200 instead of £600 for example!.

Posted on May 29th 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, William Hill Bingo