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40 Grand Giveaway

Everyone’s a winner over at Ladbrokes Bingo at the moment with their forty grand bingo giveaway.

Basically, if you DON’s win anything playing bingo during November you can still grab yourself a piece of their daily bonus prize pot.

You only have to register for the promotion to be eligible for a prize pot which ranges from £700 to £2050!

If you spend £15 on bingo tickets and manage to get through the entire day without winning a single line or full house then you automatically get a share of that day’s prize pot.

As long as you spend £15 or over there is nothing else you have to do. You don’t even need to enter a draw to get the money, you just need to not win!

Obviously, the share of the pot that you win depends on how many other people that day have registered for this and not won anything so your share will vary day by day.

Check the site for details of the actual prize pots that are up for grabs and the dates during November when they will be up for grabs.

Posted on November 25th 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, Ladbrokes Bingo