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If your a keen bingo player then there is plenty going on at William Hill Bingo this month and next.
First off in the community room on the site every Saturday there will be a buy one get one free event lasting all day.
You can grab some  pre-paid tickets for these games from the bingo lobby after you have logged into the site.

Thursday is free bingo day in the bargain basement with the actual free bingo happening on the top of each hour.
There is a prize pot of £1000 for these games and they are also part of the site’s Roll On Bingo promotion which awards 7 extra chances to win something after a full house is won.
The games during the day (9 in the morning to 6 in the evening) have a £50 pot and the evening ones (7 to 12) have a £100 pot.
A full house or two lines pays five pounds during the day and ten pounds for the evening games.

If you want a little bingo action on the house, the ‘on the house’ room on the site is open for business from 7 in the evening.
Every game in the room is free and whats more there’s a grands worth of prizes to be had!
This event will run for the entire month of October.
There is a catch with this one though. You have to spend five pounds on tickets during the day so that you can gain entry to the event on to following day.

If you can’t make the evening ‘on the house’ event don’t worry as there is also a short time between 12:30 and 1pm where you can also play just so long as you have qualified on the previous day by spending that magic £5 on bingo tickets.


The BOGOF room is also worth a look on Wednesdays. It runs from 10 in the morning but the best offers come out of the woodwork beyond 5 in the evening when the Ticket Top-Up’s start running. The start off tame at buy one get one free but eventually climb to a whopping buy one get 23 free.

Also in the bargain basement room of the site there is the ever popular Double Bubble event which kicks off a 5 in the evening and lasts until midnight.
If you make a call on a double number (this only applies to games at 20 mins past the hour) then you get double the prize money!
Double numbers are of course numbers like 44 and 88.

And finally, to get ready for the upcoming fireworks spectaculars you can play Fireworkz Blitz between the 26th of  September and the 2nd of October.
If you spend ten pounds cash on this new game they will give you a five pound bonus so you can continue the fun.
One catch of this is that you have to wager the bonus ten times so that you can get your hands on your winnings.

The events that the site has on this month and next really are a great way or warming up during these cold Autumn evenings. Good luck!


Posted on October 2nd 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, William Hill Bingo