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Anyone up for a Bingo Chat Tournament

Each weekend this month at Costa you can get your hands on loads of loyalty points (diamond points in this case) which you can then use to claim free bingo cards and get access to VIP games on the site.

The site is calling them chat tourneys and the run every sat and sun in the Palmtree Paradise room. Each of the tournaments last 2 hours and as you play, you will be awarded one point per win.
Then, when the two hours is up the winner of 50,000 diamond points is the player with the most points under their belt. Simple!

Once you’ve won all those diamond points, just go to the diamond store on the site and exchange them for your choice of bonuses, bingo cards or real cash.
Just so you know, if two players end up with the same number of points after the two hour tourney, the winner will be the one who successfully answers a trivia question.

The times of this event are 9:30 till 11:30 on Saturday morning and 2 till 4 in the afternoon on Sunday. Also, the actual selection of the games (poker, blackjack etc) will be decided at the event itself so you never know what you will be getting!

Team games are also bit this month at Costa and it’s all part of their linkup with Real Housewives on ITV.
If you enter a qualifying room (check the site for details) you will automatically be placed on a team with and you can all play together so you can will some really fantastic prizes.

Each time you win a game (bingo) you will get 1000 costa points for yourself and 1 point for your team. At the end of the tournament the team that has accumulated the highest number of points will win 5000 costa points (5000 for each team member), so it’s definitely a good idea to do a bit of teamwork!

There is also a Real Housewives themed room running this month where you can play bingo as one of the real housewives.
And to top everything off, there will be a Real Housewives draw at the end of the month. You get an entry to the draw every time you play a tournament and there is a blu-ray player and RH boxset on offer for the winner.

All you have to do to get a piece of this fantastic offer is play some bingo as costa this month. What are you waiting for!!


Posted on September 5th 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, Costa Bingo