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Become a Self-Made Millionaire at Moon Bingo

Free coins every day

It’s not often that mobile bingo sites give away such brilliant prizes, but you can always rely on Moon Bingo to shine brightly. Every day, you’ll be pampered with free golden coins, and if you are extra lucky, you’ll also get a free spin on the Magic Wheel, with a top prize of 500 free coins. Talk about April showers, roomies.

Self made millionaire

Put yourself on the rich list the easy way, in the Self Made Millionaire game. Tickets cost 25p, and this monster game plays on the third Thursday of every month at 10 PM. Even if you don’t quite hit the top prize of a million, the guaranteed jackpot stands at £1000.

Multiply up to £10,000

Another innovative game is the £10,000 Multiplier. It’s simple to multiply your way up to £10,000 – buy your tickets now, and never miss a chance again.

VIPs have more fun

Want to be a VIP superstar? As a Moon VIP, you will receive regular treats, birthday bonuses, and access to big-money free games.

£300 Daily Jackpots

They come along like clockwork – the £300 Daily Jackpots. This is your chance to win a £50 easy peasy jackpot between 2 PM and midnight every day, with tickets a teeny 3p.

In for a penny

In for £400 jackpot. Play penny games every Sunday night at 9 PM, and you could be multiplying the smallest of change into a mountain of gleaming pound coins.

Win a £10,000 Salary

Forget grafting hard all month – at Moon, you can win a £10,000 Mega Salary, for just 30p. Imagine the spending spree you could have with that amount of cash in your back burner.

Play with £40

Make your first deposit of £10, and you’ll get £30 free, so you can play with £40. Now book yourself a space rocket, it’s time to visit the Moon.

Posted on June 14th 2014
Tags : Bingo Offers, Moon Bingo