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Big BGO Bingo Competition

There are some really good prizes up for grabs at BGO at the moment and the best part is that they are on every week.
Players basically need to finish three bingo chores during each week from Saturday to Thursday to be eligible for the prize game which will be held in the Diamond Dreams room.
The chores are to max buy in to a super jackpot game, deposit £10 in to you account and buy 12 bingo cards for a Diamond Dreams game.

Once you’ve done those 3 things BGO will send you an email to tell you that you’ve qualified and then you can enter the prize games on Friday at 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 in the evening.
The prize for FH is a Red Letter Day Experience or £100, 2 lines gets you an M&S hamper or £50 and 1 line gets you some ‘Tasty Treats’ or £25.
You may want to check the site to see exactly what Tasty Treats is but it sounds good!
Also, the 1 line prize may in fact be an Asda voucher with a value of £25.

There are also some shopping vouchers to get your hands on if you play in the Maga Star or Star Burst room as playing in there will earn you star points.
Whoever has accumulated the most star points by April 12th can win an Asda shopping voucher worth £100.

BGO has another promotion going at the moment where you could actually win something useful in the form of a hoover.
The game will be held in the Prize Bingo room on the 12th of April at 9:30 in the evening and cards cost only 5p.
It’s a 75 ball game and the prize is a Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner.

Also accessible from the Prize Bingo tab on the main page during this month are the 9:30 75 ball prize games which are of course only open to funded players.
Card prices are just a penny and the game nights run from the 13th to the 20 of April.
There are some really nice little prizes including MP3 players, small kitchen appliances, DVD collections, classic board games and bathroom stuff.

Posted on April 14th 2013
Tags : BGO Bingo, Bingo Offers