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Big Jackpot Party at Moon Bingo

Moon Bingo are having a special exclusive Bingo Party this month on Mondays at 8 in the evening with an awesome £1000 prize pot.
In addition to the cash prizes there will also be giveaways of chocolate, bingo chips and some bingo related quizzes led by the chat hosts.
Get yourself a 70% bonus by entering the code ‘PARTY’ in the lobby.

It’s not all about chocolate goodie bags though as Moon are giving away vouchers to spend at 3 major supermarkets as part of their Supermarket Splurge promotion.
The game is on Tuesday at 9pm and you can be in with a chance of winning the £150 vouchers to spend at Morrisons, Asda and Sainsburys on your weekly shop.

If you’re a fan of penny bingo then Moon Bingo have just the event for you in the shape of their ‘In for a penny’ game on Sunday evenings at 9.
The tickets cost just 1p but the jackpot is a surprising £400 which, according to the site, is guaranteed.

If you’ve been a bit unlucky with your gaming then the site has something that will cheer you up no end.
It’s a bonus that pays out if you don’t win any games and applies to instants and bingo.
Basically, the five players who have spent the most on games and still not won anything will each take a share of a £50 pot.
Check the site for details of this offer if your not sure if you qualify.

There’s big money on offer on the site every month with a chance to win up to a £million just buy buying a 25p ticket.
The event happens on third Thursday of each month but the details are a bit sketchy at the moment so you may need to check it out yourself.

The new Kerchinga game on the site is creating quite a buzz mainly because it pays out huge amounts of Moon Bingo Chips to lucky players every week.
You do have to be funded though and you have to deposit £40 in one week to be able to play this high roller game.

Posted on April 7th 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Moon Bingo