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Bingo 4 her – Play free bingo and win a share of 200 pounds every day

There’s something for both funded and free players at Bingo 4 Her this month and so even if you don’t spend anything, you could win some bingo money.
Every day from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening, every 8 minutes in the sites free bingo room you can play for a small jackpot of £1 but the games are FREE.

If you decide to fund your account on the site then you can play in the funded free room and shoot for a jackpot of £10 per game.
The funded version runs from 4 until 7 in the evening (every 15 mins) and means that you could grab a slice of £130 each day.

The site has a brand new room called 3XCITE and it’ll play host to some nice new games.
In a slight twist, the game jackpot is shared between the players who get 2 to go or bingo and so players who get one to go have to wait for the next one to get anything.
It’s all designed to bring a bit more excitement to players who find themselves falling short of the usual jackpot and is a great way of mixing it up.
The games run in the evening between 7 and 11 and the total prize pot for each hourly game will be £30.

Funded players have a chance to scoop a really nice prize when the big game happens on the 1st of August in the form of £5000 or a CAR.
The actual car in question seems to an unknown as the site have mentioned that it is a 5mart car but we’re not sure what kind of car that is as they don’t specifically mention the brand, just a car!
Players can get tickets for the big game by bingoing on the number 5, getting bingo on the 3 letters of the word (car) or bingoing the special car pattern which looks vaguely like a pixel car shape.

You can also buy tickets for the game at a cost of £1.50 each but remember that the total you can buy or win is limited to 96.
If you win and don’t want the mystery car then you can get the £5000 prize instead but bear in mind that i will be credited to your bingo account and so make sure you check the terms and conditions regarding how you get hold of the cash after you’ve won it.

Good luck and if you win the car, whatever type it is, we hop you’ll be pleased with it.

Posted on July 6th 2013
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