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Bingo Escalator

In the Community Room over at William Hill Bingo on the 25th of November they have a great new bonus offer for you.

They call it the Escalator Jackpot and it goes up by one every hour from 4pm.
The actual event starts at 9am but the escalator bit starts at 4 and it’s all over by Sunday.

From 4, the ball call for house will start at 38 balls and increase by one every hour which will make it more and more easier to win as the day goes on.
They are also throwing in a jackpot of £2000 for the whole day so it’s definitely worth a look.

The escalator finishes at 11 in the evening and if nobody’s won the jackpot by then the call rises to 80 to make things really juicy!

Remember though, it’s a community game so the winner of the full house will take half the jackpot and the other half is shared out between the players who also had tickets for the winning bingo game.
It works both ways though so you could be in one group of players or the other and still scoop a share of the jackpot.

Posted on November 25th 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, William Hill Bingo