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Discover New Super SNAP! Card Game at Heart Bingo

Snap up a new card game

Roomies are queueing up to play Super SNAP! a fun new card game at Heart Games. There are four different ways to buy a card hand, and tickets are priced at £1 each. Once the game begins, the dealer calls out one card at a time. The letters SNAP! can appear on any card. If you are able to match a full hand, the word SNAP! will appear on your cards, and you’ll win the jackpot. The jackpot depends on the amount of players in the game at the any time.


Community Chest Jackpot

If you are able to match all five cards in one hand within the first seven calls, the Community Chest Jackpot will be triggered. The holder of the winning card gets 40%, and everybody else in the game will share 60%. Good news – the starting value on the SNAP! Jackpot is £100.


Charm Jackpot

Things get even luckier if you purchase a minimum of £5 in one game. Do this, and you’ll receive the Lucky Charm bonus. This is another way to win even more cash – you have the opportunity to win one in six charms.


Chat while you SNAP!

If you fancy a break from the chat rooms in your usual UK bingo sites, then fire up the Super SNAP! chat window. All eyes are on the game, but players still have time to banter. To send your message, hit enter, and change the colour of the text to whatever suits your mood.


200% welcome bonus

Heart Games is the official site from Heart Radio, so you can listen while you play. Tune into one of the best free bingo sites and groove along while you mark the numbers off. If you sign today, and deposit £10, you’ll get a £30 free play bonus, or if you’re a real high roller, you can deposit £100 and have £300 in your account to start you on your way.

Posted on November 10th 2013
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