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Extra freebies and bonuses for players at Silk Bingo

Well, you have to dig deep to find the promotional goodies at Silk Bingo but it looks like we’ve found a few to make a visit worth you while this month.

Firstly, if you have deposited at least some cash on the site you can play for some real prize pots in one of the two free bingo rooms.
The rooms are called Daily Freebie and Talk is Cheap and are a great way of learning the ropes with the added thrill of real cash prizes to be won.

There is a tidy THREE GRAND up for grabs in the Access All Areas rooms (in total) if you play in there Thursday through Saturday.
The games happen during the 7 til 8 evening slot and each of them has a solid £100 pot associated with it which sure is tempting.

There’s also five and a half grand worth of prizes to be had daily in the Daily Dozen room on the site.
There are 12 hourly games going from midday to 11 at night and each of them has a pot worth £750 .
With this one, it will definitely be in the players interest to pick a slot during the day where as few other players are playing as possible to maximise you chances of winning the big prize pot all for yourself.

A couple of last points to do with signing up.
When you first join be sure to take advantage of the 200 percent welcome bonus that they offer.
Players will have to stump up £10 and then they will qualify for their £20 bonus which is of course only in bingo money and can only be used on the site.
Also, effective up to a maximum of £100, Silk Bingo offer a re-deposit bonus for any players who want add money to their account.
The bonus is worth 50% but players will have to spend £10 or more to qualify for it.

Posted on August 3rd 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Silk Bingo