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Free Cards to 10k Game at Glossy Bingo

Lunchtime Fever Time

Short of putting a Scotch bonnet chilli on your sandwich, there is no better way to spice up your dinner break than with Lunchtime Fever. Every day at 2 PM, join Glenda and the gang for the hottest dinner ticket around – you could be winning a crisp £100 for just 10p per card. And just to make it extra affordable, there are six free cards with every six you buy. It’s time to chow down at this most generous of mobile bingo sites.

Daily Triple

Come in from work, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the Daily Triple. This one plays every Monday to Thursday, between 7 PM and 9 PM, with cards only 30p each. By now you should be familiar with the standard Glossy buy six, get six free.

Make it a major progressive

The progressive jackpots at some sites are scarcely worth writing home about, but the Glossy PJP starts at £5000. It gets easier to win every couple of days as well, so it’s guaranteed to go soon.

Share the Love

Winning a full house is great at the best of times, but at Glossy every week, you can really feel the love. With every line you cover, you get an extra 50p prize – that more might not sound like very much, but considering cards are just 1p each, that equates to 50 free games.


It’s on its way

The month end hat-trick is coming soon, and the Glossy roomies are all of a-twitter, thanks to three massive opportunities to win big. The first is the £1500 Megapot on the last Friday of the month. With every 20 tickets you buy, you’ll get one free. The middle game is the biggest – play on the Saturday to win yourself a share of £10,000. It’s £1 per card, and it’s buy six, get six free. And to round off the month, there’s a £2000 game bringing the total amount of jackpots over the weekend to £20,000.

Posted on October 17th 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Glossy Bingo