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Gala Bingo Christmas Club Open Now

Gala Christmas club open now

Get ready for Christmas at Gala Bingo. If you’re on the lookout for festive UK bingo sites, then grab a few reams of tinsel, and get signed up at Gala. The buildup to Christmas is on – all winners of the special games will win shopping vouchers between £30 and £100 – this makes a festive £5000 in total. Saddle up a reindeer and ride to the Book Club room every evening at 9 PM.


£1 Million Guaranteed giveaway

Also at Gala this month is the chance to win a share of £1 million. All cards are 30p, and there is a £1000 prize for each line, so it doesn’t matter whether you cover one line, two lines, or the full house, you’ll still end up with a grand in your hand.


Fair and square games

As it happens, I am a Libran and that means I have a strong sense of justice and fairness. And this is why I enjoy the Same Chance Games at Gala. If you get slightly annoyed when certain roomies purchase loads of tickets, then now is the time for payback. Every player in the room is limited to 12 tickets, and 12 only, so we all have an equal chance of hitting the jackpot.


Swank cocktail fun

The Cosmo room is highly exclusive , and it makes for a very elite atmosphere. To get your VIP access, you must spend £30 or more in cash, during the previous week. Do this, and the glittering door will swing open. But be careful not to miss it – it’s only open for one hour between 8 PM and 9 PM. It will definitely be worth your time though, because there are free games with a £2500 prize fund. Become a Gala groupie today, and claim your free £30.

Posted on October 16th 2013
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