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Gameshow Bingo Is Here at Jackpot Joy

Turn on, tune in, and win

If you’ve been anywhere near a television in the past few weeks, you will have certainly seen the commercials for Gameshow Bingo at Jackpot Joy. This lavish advert really does showcase Jackpot Joy at its best, and roomies are flocking in thousands to win £13,000 jackpots, and to try their luck in the Money Multiplier games. Due to this heavyweight marketing campaign, Jackpotjoy is one of the number one UK bingo sites, so this means more players contributing to bigger jackpots, and also much busier chat rooms. The vibe is palpable at the site as well – everybody is super excited to be part of such a phenomenon.

Spread the word for free cash

And don’t keep the secret of Jackpot Joy to yourself – every friend who you refer can help you make free cash. Once your friend signs up and deposits, you’ll get £20, and they will get £10. Populating the chat rooms with your favourite friends and family members is a great way to stay in touch – it’s far more exciting than Facebook – after all, when was the last time anybody won a life-changing cash prize playing Farmville?

What does WOW stand for?

Three little letters, one big meaning – WOW stands for Weekend of Winners, and it’s on right now. You could be randomly selected to win an 80s retro sweets box, a digital camera, and loads of other goodies. It’s a jam-packed schedule of free games, slots cashback, bonus rounds, chat games, and guaranteed jackpots – it’s the only way to while away Saturday and Sunday.

Meet the Queen of Bingo

You know a site is serious about advertising when they employ the services of Barbara Windsor to be Queen of Bingo. Join her and her royal courtiers Jack and Joy for a £35 bonus when you deposit £10.

Posted on September 22nd 2013
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