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Over the course of this month the site is running a Diamond and City Points giveaway promotion in three of their rooms.
The games, following the travel theme of the site itself, are based on landmarks but it’s mainly about winning bingo games.
The schedule for this is : Monday, 12 til 2 pm, Tuesday 4 til 6pm and Wednesday 8 til 10 and there’s also an chance to win a Pizza Express meal (worth £100) for two if you take part with the draw taking place on the 2nd of May.
It works like this : When you buy tickets for the games the CH will set you up with a landmark along with some other team members and the winning team will bag the 5000 diamond prize.
Also, you’ll get 1000 city points as a reward for winning one game plus your team will be one step close to winning the grand prize.

Again on a travel theme, you can grab some themed prizes from the hot souvenir games which run every Wednesday at 9 in the evening.
The prizes are really cool and include a 24 inch TV, a kindle fire, a hamper and a wine collection.
Make sure you check the times of the games though as the ones in the same room but either side of these ones don’t have the prizes.
Also, you’ll have to share the prizes if any one else calls on the coverall pattern.

If you enjoy competitive playing then the sites instant tournaments are the perfect ting to have a go at if you’re into instant games.
The tourneys feature a leaderboard so you can compare how well your’re doing and also there is the chance of winning some prizes if you do really well.
There is a price cap on each game to make it a bit fairer and you’ll be emailed with the details of how well you did.

There is also an all day instant game tournament marathon for the dedicated members and it’s held on a Friday.
You can grab bingo prize money of up to £500 to be won during the marathon which goes on from 8 in the morning to 11 at night.
Each player gets their 10 minutes of instant game time and the top 10 players can win some real cash too.

Posted on April 20th 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, City Bingo