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If you happen to pass by the community room on a Sunday, the site will give you a handy second chance on house calls.
The offer is open between 9 in the morning and midnight and the best bit is that it applies to every game during that time.

After the first and second lines are won, they will offer a Roll On Bingo feature game to try again to get a full house.
This offer is completely open and only excludes the site’s 3 pence to win £300 game and Bingo Linx feature games.

Every day in the On The House room at 7 in the evening during November and December all of the games are completely FREE.
There’s also up to a grand in prizes to be won each and every night in this room.
To get yourself into this offer you need to spend £5 on regular bingo tickets during the day before the event and then you will earn entry for the next days event.
This room is also open for a half hour during lunchtime (12:30 to 1PM) with £100 in free bingo games to be played.
The previous day qualification thing applies to the lunchtime session as well as the evening one, so you can get access to both just by spending a fiver the previous day.

You can get yourself two for one in the Community Room every Saturday and remember you can also pre buy any tickets you may need for this.

On Friday the 30th of November, they are giving away an amazing £100, 000 in bingo prizes and the party continues into the weekend all the way to Sunday.
The cash prize pots for Saturday and Sunday will both be £50,000 with all kinds of bingo games on offer to play.
Each night fill feature games like £700 BOGOF, penny bingo party fever, £750 last chance bingo games, £600 summer party and £800 games with smaller prizes for one to go and two to go.
There is also Bingo Linx on offer starting at 6 in the evening and with a large prize pot of £3000. The pot rises to £6000 on Friday in the 10:30 PM game.

And finally, there’s a special deal going on with slots and scratchcards on Fridays.
You can get a 50% bonus (max £50) if you deposit some cash and spend it on scratchcards and slot games, however, you will have to wait until Saturday to get the bonus.
All you have to do is register for this by entering the code REEL (usual place in the bingo lobby) and then make your deposit.
The only downside is you have to wager the bonus ten times before you can take it out.
You will need to check the site for details because the bonus amount you get depends on your bingo club loyalty level.
It starts at just £5 but can be as much as £50 if you are at the top loyalty level!

There’s are great selection of offers over at William Hill Bingo so why not give some of them a go!

Posted on December 1st 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, William Hill Bingo