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Moon Bingo Happy Hour bonus deals

There are some great bingo bonus deals around this month on Moon Bingo and there not just limited to the special rooms.
In the sites normal rooms every hour you can get more jackpot money for the price of a normal bingo ticket.
All they ask is that you buy before the game begins and card prices range from a low 5 pence to 50 pence but with solid jackpots up to £100 it’s definitely worth checking out.

VIP players are also handsomely rewarded on the site at 12, 8 and 11 in the afternoon in the special Lucky Star room with £25 prize pots.
You have to be a VIP to play in the room but once you’re in there the bingo is free.
If you’re already a funded member of the site then there are other free rooms to play in but this one has more potential for winning yourself some extra bingo cash.

If you’re not already a VIP member then you may find that you are close to automatically becoming one anyway.
If you play bingo a lot on the site then you simply have to deposit £500 or more to become a VIP and enjoy all the benefits Moon Bingo has to offer.
Once you’ve deposited the required amount the site will send you a welcome email with details of all the extra stuff you’ll have access to plus you’ll get special VIP support thrown in.

On a slightly different subject the site has a really cool feature called Side Bets which add a fun little twist to the game.
You have to buy tickets for the games in question and the betting cost can be as low as 20 pence but it adds a whole new dimension to the game.
What happens is that once you’re in, you bet on aspects of the game which you think will come up next such as ball colour, number (odd,even) or higher/lower and if you guess right you can win yourself some free bingo money.

The progress of your bet is shown in the form of snails that more along, the further they move the better they are doing.
Each snail represents an aspect of the game to bet on and the snail that finishes first is the winner and if you placed you bet on it you’ll be a winner too.
This may sound a bit confusing so the site has created a tutorial that explains it all.

Posted on April 7th 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Moon Bingo