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Must Go 20K Christmas Eve Jackpot at BetFred Bingo

Have you got a head for heights?

If you’re looking for generous UK bingo sites, then your search must end at BetFred Bingo. Currently in full swing are the £10,000 Escalator Jackpots – these are must-go jackpots, and if they are not won by the final game of the day, there is a guaranteed winner at 11:54 PM. The fun starts at 3 PM, and if the jackpot remains unclaimed in each round, the ball call increases by two per game. It’s nailbiting, it’s nasty, and it will have you pounding your laptop with excitement.


£20,000 Christmas Eve jackpot

Forget waiting up for Santa Claus, you need to wait up for the £20,000 guaranteed jackpot on Christmas Eve. Once again, this is an escalator jackpot, so if it isn’t won by five to midnight, it will definitely be dished out. This will be the perfect way to spend Christmas Day – with a fat 20K sat happy in your back pocket.


Daily Piggy Bank Smash

It’s a sad fact of life as a piece of porcelain – once the piggy bank is full, the hammer must fall. And in this game, you must smash your way to riches, and win up to £500 when you play Piggy Scratch – all you need to do is stake £1 on cards. Those cute little piggies will be shaking and trembling as you hover the hammer over their heads – press SMASH, and bash those little beggars to smithereens. If you match any three coins, you could win that top prize of £500.


£250,000 Weekend

Party fever is here – so put on a paper hat and glittery dress, and head over to the BetFred Bunker room. The £250,000 weekend runs for the last weekend of each month, and every month, there are new money-spinning games and opportunities to win big. Sign now for £30 free, and to meet the BetFred Barmy Army.

Posted on December 20th 2013
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