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New Car or 5K in Cash at Bob’s Bingo

The question of a lifetime

Looking for thrilling new mobile bingo sites? Then you really need to put your foot down and get to Bob’s Bingo. That’s because on January 1, he is giving away £5000 in cash, or a brand-new car. To qualify, you need to be the top slots player – somebody’s got to win it, and it could easily be you.

Team Tournament time

There is a new line up at Bob’s, and Team Tournaments feature heavily. Play throughout September with a team of two other buddies, and call as many full houses as you can. If you climb to the top of the leaderboard, you could be splitting £150 in real cash.

75 ball boat race

Bob knows how to keep the fun coming in his 75 ball room. Call a full house on the boating patterns, and you could be winning a heap of high street vouchers. This week, the pattern is RACE, then it’s THAMES, and for the final week in September, it’s CREWS.

Helping hand on slots

No UK bingo sites are complete unless they have slot games, and Bob has a huge variety. Play any of your favourite games like roulette, video poker, and fruit machines, and Bob has a special surprise up his sleeve. That’s because he will give you 20% cashback on all games, no limit. To trigger this, you must make a deposit of £25 each week.

Ride the Red Bus

Here it comes, trundling down the road. Bob’s free room is called the Red Bus, and passengers are allowed aboard between 6 PM and 10 PM GMT. In here, you will find free games with real cash prizes, plus the happiest atmosphere of any UK bingo sites.

£15 freebie

You’re just about to experience the generosity of Bob – he has a £15 no deposit bonus in his smart tuxedo pocket, plus a £15 freebie when you sign up to go mobile.

Posted on September 10th 2013
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