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New Cars and Date Night at Bingo 4 Her

Calling all luscious ladies

If your current car is a clapped-out heap of junk on the driveway, then you definitely need to play at Bingo4Her. Play on May 7, and you could be winning a rather remarkable prize – a brand-new Smart Car, or £5000 in cash. There are three ways to get your manicured mitts on free tickets – cover the letters that spell the word CAR, cover the Car Pattern, or cover the number 5. If you’re impatient, then you can always prepurchase tickets at the price of £1.50 each.

Sweetieland tournament

It’s enough to make you lick your lips – the SweetieLand instant game tournament runs three times per day. Spin this sweet slot, and chomp your way to the top of the leaderboard – large cash prizes await.

Get paid to play

It’s on its way – on the 28th of the month, you could be getting Paid to Play. If you are the winner of the 8 PM game, you’ll win £50 in free cash credited to your account every day for the month of May.

Horseshoes at the Ready

Feeling lucky, ladies? Grab your lucky horseshoe or crow claw, and prepare for the £777 Lucky Jackpot. Cover the number 7 to win – the next game plays on April 24.

£500 Date Night

You’ve got a date – a date with destiny. In the Date Night game, it’s £500 guaranteed. Deposit £50, to earn 10 free tickets.


Pucker up, buttercup

Remember your first kiss? Mine was a Mad Dog-fuelled snog around the back of a butcher’s skip – hopefully yours was a bit more romantic. You can recreate that passionate First Kiss every Thursday between 8 PM and 9 PM in the Newbie’s First Kiss game. Here, you’ll find £100 up for grabs – get your free tickets now.

Posted on June 3rd 2014
Tags : Bingo 4 Her, Bingo Offers