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The good people at Costa are having a super fashion voucher giveaway at the mo.
In the weeks leading up to London Fashion Week, they will be celebrating by giving all you lucky roomies the chance to pick up the latest fashions for yourselves.

There are a total of £1000 value worth of vouchers in the giveaway and all you lot have to do is complete what the site calls catwalk challenges to earn cards to play their massive Catwalk Bingo Game.

Simply go on to the site, go to the Catwalk page and check out which challenges you still need to complete and which ones you already have under your belt.

The big 90 ball game will take place on the 20th of this month at ten in the evening and the  three very special winners will each get some fashion vouchers to spend.
The full house winner will get 500 pounds worth.
The 2 line winner will get 350 pounds worth and the 1 line winner will net themselves 150 pounds worth.

The lucky winners can then spend their hard won fashion vouchers at big name places like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Gap, Debenhams and Karen Millen to name but a few.
Check the site for a full list of the stores that will accept these vouchers.

The cards for the big game are a bit expensive at £50 but you can earn yourself free ones by completing the challenges mentioned above on the site.
These challenges will be going on between the 7th and the 18th of this month and the more challenges you complete, the more cards you can snag.

There is a full list of the challenges on the site but they are quite simple and involve things like depositing 10 quid, buying 96 bingo cards for other games, playing a minimum of ten games (bingo) or spending 5 quid or more on instant tournament games.
Basically, they just involve doing what you would usually do on the site but maybe just a bit more of it!

As mentioned before, the number of cards you can grab for the big game depends on how many of the promo challenges yo do but the number of cards you get rises sharply the more of them you do.

So, for example, if you just complete one you will get just one ticket but if you do 3 you will get 12 tickets, 6 you get 48 tickets and if you do all 10 you get a whopping 96 tickets so it’s really worth pushing your game a little to get the best chance of scoring as many of those lovely vouchers as you can!

Remember, you can keep track of your score of challenges during this event by checking the black catwalk info box on your My Account page on the site. Good luck!


Posted on September 20th 2012
Tags : Bingo Offers, Costa Bingo