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The name of the game over at Gala Bingo is Lucky Numbers and it’s all about picking the right ones.
When you play the game of the same name on the site you’ll be able to pick 3 bingo numbers and if they fall within the 1-line, 2-line and FH sections then you may win a prize.
Depending on which pot they fall within (bronze, silver or gold) the prize is the value of that particular pot.

If you like to spend that little bit extra on you’re bingo fun then you can enjoy some exclusive gaming in the Cosmopolitan Room on Sunday nights.
You have to spend at least £30 on bingo tickets for any of the rooms during the week leading up to your chosen Sunday and then the site will send you a special message to let you know you have access to it.
Once you’re in, there will be ten free games to play and a total prize pot of £2500 within the one hour playing period.
Full house pays out £200 but there will be a ticket limit of just 12 during the 8 til 9 playing slot.

Playing bingo at Gala is all about sharing the experience with your friends and the Windicates promotion is the perfect way to do it.
Check out the tab on the site where you can form your team and then go on to play for some great team bonuses in the Dreams, City and Royal rooms.
The way it works is that a certain percentage of the stake money will go in to a pot for each game and then when a prize is won, the winner will get half of it and the team will pick up the other half.
It’s a really fun way to play the game and share in your team’s fortune at the same time.

And finally, players in 12 of Gala’s most popular rooms can bag a nice big jackpot every half an hour as part of the Super Spotlight Jackpots promotion.
Ten percent of all of the stake money will go towards the jackpots and all you have to do it look out for the big money game when it comes up and you could be celebrating in no more than 45 numbers time.

Posted on June 2nd 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Gala Bingo