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Plenty of Bingo Bonuses at Ladbrokes

If you’re not having much luck playing bingo at Ladbrokes at the moment then they have a little something that’s perfect for you.
You can now get a percentage of you money back if you wind up losing more than you win while playing on the site.
The amount you get back depends on your loyalty scheme status but can be as much as 20% which isn’t bad.
You have to put in a bonus code to be able to get the bonus back and these depend on the date so you’ll have to check the promotions section on the site first.

Remember that if you’re participating in the site’s reward system you could be in line for some free bingo games which are happening on the 8th of this month.
Depending on which level you got to by the end of March, you may be able to get into one of the free games on Monday evening.
A table of which room you can get into can be found on the site as well as the fine print.

There’s some really big games going on on the 6th of April with prize pots rising as high as 5 grand.
It’s going on in the Living Room from 4 in the afternoon (15 minutes before the start of the Grand National no less) and there’s some really good pots to look forward to.
Tickets for the game range from five pence to fifty pence each and there are one and two to go options for the less lucky patrons.

And to round off your day of horse racing related bingo there’s an after party going on at 5 in the afternoon in the sites attic room.
There are a load of games (500 to be exact) with fairly small but perfectly formed prizes of £10 each.
You can grab tickets for these games during the week leading up to the race by spending ten pounds on bingo at certain times which can be found in the promo section of the site.
The details of this game are a bit confusing but it looks like there will be 5 hours of bingo games, each with ten games played in it.
You qualify for each of the 5 hours during the week but the site has also stated that tickets cost 25 pence so you may want to check it for more details.
Hope you understood all that because we didn’t!

Posted on April 3rd 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Ladbrokes Bingo