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Romantic 14 K Jackpot at Sky Bingo

Romantic £14,000 jackpot

It’s finally here, roomies – it’s Valentine’s Day. And whether you are crying alone into your Pot Noodle, or surrounded by so many red roses you have hayfever, you will not be wanting to miss the £14,000 Linx game at Sky Bingo. If you’re looking for awesome mobile bingo sites, then Sky will knock your socks off, especially tonight – it’s a 90 ball escalator jackpot, that gets easier to win every hour. The jackpot games start at 10:30 PM, and if you have other plans (nudge nudge), you can pre-buy your tickets.

Last day of Winter Rewards

Have you been a lucky Valentine winner this week? You could be winning anything from a Red Letter Day, to a shopping voucher, to a hamper full of luscious goodies. Head to the Free Room tonight, where you can also play £1000 in free bingo.

Big Money Games

Get your weekend off to a winning start – play selected 90 ball games and you could be scooping a share of £50,000. These are some of the busiest games anywhere in the industry – after all, what roomie worth their salt would ever miss out on the chance to win such a huge amount of cash?

Newbie room extravaganza

Joining up to a new site can be daunting, so make sure you take advantage of the warm welcome in the Newbie Room. As a brand new player, you will get five days’ access to the Newbie room, between 3 PM and 9 PM. In here, you will get to learn the ropes, and try your luck – you never know, you could be winning £2500 in free games. There are also loads of buy one get one free events, plus all fair games, and 1 TG games. 

Posted on February 14th 2014
Tags : Bingo Offers, Sky Bingo