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Win a Celebrity Lifestyle at Glossy Bingo

Win a superstar lifestyle

If you’re on the hunt for glamorous new UK bingo sites, then grab yourself a glass of something sparkling, and discover the celebrity-soaked world of Glossy Bingo. This Microgaming site has a gossip magazine theme, plus there are plenty of opportunities to join the rich set. On the last Saturday of every month, players compete for the Big £10,000 jackpot. Best of all, it’s buy six cards, and get six free at £1 each. You have almost a full month to prepurchase cards in advance, which will help you to spread the cost sensibly across the month.

Monthly £2000 game

Here’s a very important date for your diary – the £2000 Jackpot plays on the last Sunday of every month. It’s buy one get one free, with cards at £1 each.

Reverse Bingo week

Things get topsy-turvy during the first week of October, thanks to Reverse Games. If you get a one line win, you’ll win a £1 bonus point. However, if you get a full house, you’ll get an extra 50p prize. These mixed-up games play in Beverly Hills and Hollywood – are you ready to turn things upside down?

Celebrities, step this way

It’s all about the VIP treatment at Glossy, and the VIP scheme will chart your road to stardom. Once you make your fourth deposit, a member of the G team will review your account, and gauge your potential reload bonus. The higher you climb, the bigger and better the rewards get – make it to VIP Status Superstar, and you’ll get a 75% reload with every deposit.

Share the Love

You’ll have hearts in your eyes in the Share the Love Games. With every line you get, you’ll bag a 50p prize, on top of your jackpot. Once again, these play in Beverly Hills and Hollywood – let’s get loved up, because there’s enough dosh for everybody.

Posted on October 2nd 2013
Tags : Bingo Offers, Glossy Bingo