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The Mobile Bingo Revolution

To say that the mobile form of the game is experiencing growth over the last year would be a major understatement.
There is a vast range of sites out there and almost all of them now offer a mobile version of their games or are in the process of improving what they currently have.

These changes really started to gather pace in 2012 when many sites unveiled and started to advertise games aimed at mobile devices.

During the course of the past year software providers have had time to develop and improve their products and this has meant that the latest generation of mobile bingo games offer a fantastic playing experience.
It’s fair to say that now, in 2013; the mobile versions of the game provide a realistic alternative to the more standard website based ones.
Also, the more the games improve and mature, the more players they will tempt away from regular bingo and on to mobile versions.

On this page you will find our selection of the best bingo sites and games that you can play on your smartphone.
Although some of the sites also provide their game in the form of an app, depending on which type of device you have, you should be able to play the games immediately just by following the link to the site.

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Playing on the move

For people who already play bingo using their home computer having the ability to play it on their smartphone will open up a whole load of possibilities.
It offers players the freedom to indulge in their favourite game whenever and wherever they want providing, of course, they can get a good internet connection.
Having your bingo site of choice in your pocket makes it possible to play a little during your lunch break or when you’re stuck on the bus or on the train for example.

Given the fact that smartphone ownership is constantly rising and many people are opting to use their device in place of a home computer, it is only a matter of time until the majority of people playing online games like bingo will be doing so on their phone rather than on any other device.

Just like the website versions, playing bingo on a mobile device also gives people access to a host of other games.
Most operators offer many of the same side games on mobile that they offer on their regular websites which allows players to enjoy them on the move.


How it works

Bingo that is played on a mobile device tends to exist in three different forms; dedicated apps, mobile compatible websites and normal websites.

Apps are usually created by or on behalf of the bingo operators themselves and have to be installed on the mobile device before you can start playing the game.
Once installed, they are usually played in the same way as the website version and they often have a very similar if not identical look and features.
Also, as with the other two forms of the game, the player can almost always sign in to the app with the same login information that they use on the website.

Because the makers of mobile devices often have different ways of doing things the apps themselves have to be targeted towards the three main types; Apple, Android and Blackberry.
The choices can vary but the biggest operators will usually make their app available for all three device types, or at least Apple and Android.
If you already have a smartphone, you’ll know that apps sometimes aren’t free but in the case of bingo, because the operator is hoping to make a little money from you, they invariably are.

The second option, which is probably the most common at the moment, is sites that support mobile devices.
To get this to work, you don’t need to install any extra software and all you need is the web browser on your mobile.
If the bingo site is compatible with mobile devices, when you visit it, it should automatically resize itself to fit your screen.
From this point, you should be able to play on the site normally including using your existing login details.

The third option is very similar to the second with the only difference being that the site will not automatically adjust itself to fit your mobile device’s screen perfectly.
You may have to move the site around within the browser to be able to see all of it and some text may be too small to read without using the zoom function.
Apart from a few small problems, playing on a site using this method should be just the same as playing on your computer at home.
With all three options, the screen size of your mobile device is important as a large screen will be much easier to play on than a small one.


The downsides

As with so many other things, there are always a few downsides and mobile bingo is no exception.
Playing bingo on your mobile almost always requires an internet connection and so it’s important to know what kind of data plan you are on with your mobile provider.
If you’re on an ‘all you can eat’ plan then you shouldn’t have a problem but if you aren’t then there’s a danger you could run up a large bill by playing too often.

Something else to remember is that the freedom to play bingo any time you like on your mobile could lead to you playing too often.
It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the time and money you spend on online gambling and seek the proper help if you feel you’re loosing control of it.