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Here at Low Cost Bingo we make sure that we keep up to date with the very latest new bingo sites and new bingo offers.
We’re constantly looking out for the newest sites to make sure you have the best possible list of both new and existing bingo sites to choose from.

New bingo sites are popping up all the time and the last two years has been an especially busy time for new offerings from a large variety of bingo providers.
And now, in 2013 it’s become even busier with new and established bingo operators bringing out new sites and fantastic new variations on the game of bingo.

On this page you will find the newest and most tempting bingo sites that are out there at the moment.
We constantly review our new bingo sites list to make sure it’s both bang up to date and contains only the best tried and tested sites.

Play this game
200% bonus.
Frequent happy hours, win 100 free bingo cards as part of the Break Time Quizzer promotion, get four weeks worth of free games, play the fun chat games to meet new people and win some money.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
500% bonus.
Big jackpot monthly games, play for free in the cash castle room, BOGOF Mondays, Pub Quiz Thursdays, huge progressive jackpots to be won plus play the monthly megapot game, players can get secondary prizes if they just miss out on the big one.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
400% bonus.
Great four stage deposit bonus scheme for new members, plenty of daily and weekly guaranteed jackpot games to get involved in, play the chat games and keep in touch with your friends at the same time, build up loyalty points as you play.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
200% bonus.
Huge welcome bonus offering all the way up to 900 percent, play the slot games and get some really cool gadget prizes, get a little cashback when you play slots, great games including bingo available on the mobile device of your choice, plenty of happy hours to go around.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
200% bonus.
Jackpot room for new arrivals plus a great first deposit bonus, monthly guaranteed one thousand pounds JP room, get a full house on a Friday and they will buy you a takeaway, massive loyalty points giveaways on the weekends and also when you play the lucky lotto game.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
200% bonus.
Massive staggered deposit bonus scheme for new players, well established mobile games for most devices, loads of chat games to play with your friends, play the slots on Tuesdays and Saturdays and get twenty percent cashback, great mobile slot games.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
250% bonus.
Win real cash in the free bingo rooms, regular prize giveaways, play for a penny and win one thousand pounds, let the site pay your bills as part of the ten grand payday bingo promotion, collect reward coins as you play to spend on extra stuff, 2 days access to free games after joining.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.
Play this game
200% bonus.
Play the bonus booster and win up to fifteen pounds when you first join, get free tickets to the jackpot fiesta, three and a half grand treasure quest game, get paid to play some of the games under certain conditions, nice big deposit bonuses plus something extra for bringing in your friend.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.

If you are new to online bingo, you might want to check out the new sites to see if any of them grab your attention and offer a good start to your bingo playing experience.
If you’re an experienced player you may be looking for a change and a shiny new bingo site with some fresh new games might be just the thing you need.

New bingo sites offering a fresh take on the game are great places to find new types of bingo or new game features.
30 ball bingo is an example of a new trend that’s taking off in a big way in the UK.
It’s a fast paced game which gives players a quick bingo hit but maintains the same exiting chance of winning real money.

It’s always a good idea to give the new sites a try, even if you’re happy with the site you use at the moment.
New sites will often throw in sweeteners like extra bonuses, larger prize pots or even free gifts to tempt new players to join.
Plus you might find out after joining a new site and playing a few games on it that it’s much more fun and offers more than the one you are playing at the moment.

The great thing about keeping an eye on new bingo sites is the freedom of choice it offers the bingo player.
The new ones and the ones that are already out there allow you pick and choose the site that’s the best fit for you.
If you regularly check for new sites you’ll find that you can grab yourself cheap bingo deals, free prizes and lots of extra bingo fun just for shopping around.