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The Software Behind The Sites

Even the most experienced bingo player might be forgiven for thinking that every bingo site out there has been created from the ground up and is an original product.
However because the process of designing a bingo site can be immensely complicated, many of the mainstream sites out there choose to base their sites on a standardized proven system.

The standardized system we’re talking about is the bingo software and in the case of most of the sites around at the moment, the majority are based on a handful of pre-existing software systems.
Typically, when a new bingo site is created, the software is chosen and then a graphic designer creates the overall look of the site.
The design and the software are then combined to produce a site that has the desired look whilst the way it works is governed by the software underneath.

In many cases a number of bingo sites are owned by a large bingo operator and it’s the operator that either creates the software or uses a system it has already created.
It then uses the same software for all of it’s bingo sites which is why all of the sites on a certain network often have a similar feel to them.

Sometimes a smaller bingo site will create their own software but this is rare mainly because creating the software takes a lot of time and of course, time is money.
Bingo operators save money by using the same software as a base for multiple sites in a similar way as using a standard part in a mass produced machine.

The main benefit of using one software platform for multiple sites is that it can be refined over time until it becomes very reliable and easy to maintain.
This makes the job of fixing problems much easier as one fix to the software can be distributed to all of the sites that use it in one go.
Also, once a company has produced a reliable bingo software platform they can then sell it to other companies and start making money from their investment.