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Bingo in the UK

Although it’s played in other parts of the world such as the US and Australia, the online bingo market in the UK is by far the largest.
The sheer number of bingo sites and bingo games available is evidence of just how popular it is and how much it has grown over the last few years.


Before the internet came along, beginning in the 60’s, bingo in theUKwas an extremely popular game played in clubs and halls up and down the country.

The big bingo operators converted elegant cinemas into grand new bingo halls which attracted new bingo players in droves.
This popularity continued for many years and going down to the local bingo hall and playing a few games was often the highlight of the week for lots of people.


Due in part to the smoking ban and changes in game licensing, the popularity of bingo started to decline in the 90’s.
Large numbers of bingo halls started to close and big operators likeMeccaand Gala joined many others in opening brand new online bingo sites.
The new sites offered a similar playing experience to the halls but allowed people to play the game in the comfort of their own homes.


These new bingo sites have proven to be a huge hit with all ages of players and have attracted both experienced and new players alike.
New players have also found it easy to get started with the online form of the game due to its accessibility compared to the bingo halls and clubs of times past.


Most sites have also added chat and forum elements to allow people to socialise as they play bingo.
Adding these features has helped to boost the popularity of a game that always has been a very social one.
Today online bingo in theUKis probably more popular than it has ever been.
As more and more young people discover it, the future of the game is looking brighter and brighter.