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Microgaming have existed as a software provider to the gaming industry since the mid 90s and are in fact the biggest company of it's kind in the world.
Their tag line is We Are The Game and their sheer length of time in the gaming industry and the huge range of products they are involved in really just serve to prove this.

One of the key points with this provider is that they provide excellent mobile versions of their games which is a very important asset in todays mobile gaming world.
From a technical point of view, disigning a gambling product that is both easy to play and easy to see on a smart phone or tablet has proven to be a difficult problem to crack.
Only a handful of providers to date have achieved this and it is those few that will reap the rewards further down the line when a much larger portion of the gambling public want to play games for money while they are on the move.

The company has invested a great deal of effort in it's mobile offering, both in terms of mobile browser versions of their games and also native apps that are designed to run on the two major platforms, namely Apple and Android.

The sheer range of both bingo games and additional side games that the company offers is staggering and this coupled with the fact that both are easy and fun to play has cemented the companys reputation for gaming excellence.

Microgaming based site often have certain attributes in common, some of which can be considered less desirable and some of which are most definately positive ones.
One of the negative points which not only applies to this company but many others too is that promotions can often be similar accross multiple bingo sites which are on the same network.

This is an unfortunate side effect of using a single system as a basis for multiple sites but the individual site can take steps to minimuze the negative impact of this and add originality to each one.
Some of the positive points of sites which use Microgaming include generous bonuses both upon registration and during continued play, low ticket prices for many games, enormous progressive jackpots and most importantly of all, lots of free bingo games, especially for new players.
Giving out free games to new players is a great way of getting them in to the game without applying monetary pressures too early on which can turn players away.

Overall, Microgaming sites offer a great bingo experience for players whilst also giving them the security that only a giant of the industry can offer.

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A huge range of games to play from one of the UK's largest operators, other games include roulette, blackjack and table games, free play is available on some titles depending on the day of the week, test yourself in the slot tournaments.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ Only.